So you would like your child baptised?

Most of us were baptised/christened when we were babies or young children. New babies are wonderful things. A new life brought into the world represents optimism, joy and, above all, they remind us of God’s love for us.

Being baptised/christened also means being made part of God’s family. During the service parents and godparents will make promises on behalf of the child.

Most baptism services take place after the main services on a Sunday morning, but can take place at any time, including the main service. If you choose that option, a good service in which to baptise is the All-Age Service at 10.15am on the second Sunday of the month. It gives us, the church community, the opportunity to welcome you, your baby and the godparents and friends and together we can make the day really special.

If you feel that, at this stage, you want a celebration but not take on board all the promises made at a baptism service, we do have an alternative. We can offer a Service of Blessing and Thanksgiving for the Birth of a Child. This is a much simpler service and is exactly what it says it is. Usually performed in church, it can be performed in the child’s home. You may still have the baptism service later if you so desire.

If you wish to know more please contact the Vicar on 01245 380958 / email: or Reverend Derek Clark  01245 380627.

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